The Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Commercial Sanitization Service Provider in India. Nowadays, the Corona virus is spreading everywhere the effective sanitization is a needed and we provide the solution. The commercial sanitization is needed as the safety of the employee is in our hands. We provide the best commercial sanitization in our locality and from the past few years we are providing these disinfectant services.

Types of sanitization services

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The sanitization service provided by us is very effective and will help to clean your workspace clean and hygienic. We mainly make use of the eco friendly ingredients that are free from all types of harsh chemical but it can effectively treat all the types of bacteria, fungi, virus, etc. and make the place safe for working.

In this pandemic situation we have successfully sanitized more than thousand of workplace effectively in Ahmedabad and all over the Gujarat. Our clientele are greatly satisfied with us and they prefer us over the other disinfectant service provider.

We are greatly professional in our work and our team is also well trained and expertise in their work. The best quality office sanitization and industrial sanitization are provided by our company. At present, safety of employee and other people on your premise must be on the top of priority and we ensure that we do our best helps to keep you and your staff secure and comfortable in the workplace.

Our Sanitization Service

The sanitization service provided by the Rex mainly includes following steps-

Surface Testing

In this we test the entire workspace surface which detects the light as a result of some cellular activity. By this we can easily understand the amount of clean and infected surface.

Sanitizer Application

We manufacture our own sanitizer that is made using the natural ingredients and effectively kills all the types of bacteria, fungus and virus but leave a pleasant smell in the atmosphere

Finishing Treatment

In this step we created an invisible obstruction which prevents the disinfected surface degradation and discoloration, keeps it fresh for longer time intervals.

Surface Retesting

At last after the procedure is completed, we retest the surface to ensure that the effective disinfectant and sanitization of the surface is carried out.

Rex Sanitization & Protection Plans

Free Onsite Assessment

Before providing any treatment, we first provided free on site assessment analysis in these we check the commercial/ office/ industry surface and check the level of the disinfection and then decided which type of disinfectant and sanitization treatment is to be provided for you.

Sanitization Service

We have different sanitization and disinfectant treatment plan for everyone at the level of contamination varies from place to place and different surfaces required different treatment. We treat them accordingly as per their nature, types and level of surface infection.

Long Term Surface Protection Plan

The disinfectant and sanitization treatment provided by our company remain effective for longer amount of time. After 3 months we revisits the site and analysis them effectively. Besides this we also train our employees effectively that they carried out sanitization process very fast, effectively and also keep them safe and secure in such pandemic situation.

If you any requirement related to the commercial sanitization or industrial sanitization or office sanitization in Ahmedabad and nearby region feel free to approach us. Inquire or call us for more details.

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