The Rex Environment Science Pvt. Ltd. is the leading Residential Disinfectant Service Provider in Ahmedabad and we make use of the materials in the process which is approved by the Environment Protection Agency, which can be used for the elimination of the corona virus and also other bacterial or fungal infections. And, we provide disinfectant service for all the types of the house, flat, parking, and all types of residential area.

Whenever, we carry out this disinfectant process the floor, turn out to be humid as the disinfectant liquid settles down on the floor at turn it out to be wet. We suggest the house owners should remain outside for 2-3 hrs after this process. The time duration directly depends upon the nature of ventilation of your house. And, this process must be done twice or thrice in a month in order maintain proper hygiene and safety of the place. But it can also be carried out as per the suggestion of our experts. Your residential place can be easily sanitized using the misting service.

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Our teams are highly expertise in their work and they are well trained to tackle everything in this pandemic. We have served thousand of residential clientele in Ahmedabad with our disinfectant treatment and they approach us again and again as they are highly satisfied with the quality of the service we provide them. The complete solution Residential Disinfectant Service is provided at very budget friendly price which makes its affordable amongst our customers.

Rex Procedure for Residential Disinfectant Treatment

The stated below are the treatment steps that are to be followed if you take our disinfectant plans-

If have any requirement related to any types of the Resident Disinfectant Service in Ahmedabad and its nearby region. Inquire or call us for more details.

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