The best Sanitization Service in Satellites is provided by the Rex Environment. In today’s situation there are different types of corona virus and other infections that are spreading all around the world. The spreading of the different infection can be easily prevented if proper measures are taken. The cleaning of each surface is not possible, that’s why the disinfectant and sanitization treatment is must.

The sanitization liquids used by us are manufactured by us and they are manufactured using the natural ingredients which are safe for the usage. We provide the sanitization services for Home, Parking, Office, School, Gym, Shopping Malls, Shops, Restaurant, Hotel, Café, Old Age Homes, Hospital, Clinics, Offices, Industry, Warehouses, Banquets, etc. and each place where the people exposure is there it must be sanitized.

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We are greatly expertise in our work and have a talented team that provide the best sanitization service for residential and commercial area. The complete solution is provided at very nominal price.

Inquire or call us for any query or for booking an appointment for the treatment.

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